An interview with… Lois Ward-Marvin

Lois contacted us to complete the following questions to show us some insight into her journey with mental health problems. ″I like to be able to look back on my worst days and still see  that I managed to create something." Here is a short bio about Lois; Bio: I was diagnosed with depression and … Continue reading An interview with… Lois Ward-Marvin


Event on Facebook

The event has now started so head over to my Facebook page so we can share advice share our stories and be supportive of one another. Thanks again for the continued support it does mean a lot. I hope each and every one of you has a happy new Year and 2018 brings happiness to … Continue reading Event on Facebook

Q&A with….Charlie.

In this short interview i asked Charlie 10 questions which she answered honestly as she could. Charlie didn't want me using her picture but agreed to her name and age being mentioned.   My name is Charlie I am 23 years old and I suffer from Anxiety after having problems with my health for some … Continue reading Q&A with….Charlie.

Facebook event.

Come and join me on Sunday for Anxiety/Depression talks. The basis of this event is for people who suffer from these mental illnesses or any other mental illnesses to talk about their struggles and give advice and support each other. Ask questions to each other and to share your stories. It will be held on … Continue reading Facebook event.


Hello everyone i am happy to announce that as of now we have ADworld on facebook 🙂 We tried to keep things minimal for starters but now we have branched out. I know a lot of you will support us so please head over to check out our page please click here to see our facebook page … Continue reading Facebook..

Christmas and Anxiety..TROUBLE!!

ARGHH..if there is one thing i am never prepared for that would be Christmas. I am 26 years old and still to this day i leave my Present shopping till the very last minute. My mind is boggling with ideas what to get people but i just can't bring myself to leave the house and … Continue reading Christmas and Anxiety..TROUBLE!!

Anxiety and Depression.

It's hard to believe that so many of people who look 'normal' are actually suffering with Anxiety or Depression, maybe both. This is hard to take in that nearly every day you will walk past someone in the street that is going through this but to you they look completely normal. I think most people … Continue reading Anxiety and Depression.

Meditative Stretching and Sally’s Story.

This technique can be extremely relaxing and is particularly useful for those who have mobility problems that restrict their ability to adopt other relaxation techniques.   Assume a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine your whole body is curled up in a ball: Your spine is curled round and contracted, your legs are bent … Continue reading Meditative Stretching and Sally’s Story.

Body Scan and Progressive Muscular Relaxation.

The Body scan can help to relieve tension and stress. It combines the 7- 11 breathing technique with mindfulness meditation techniques. Mindfulness meditation helps us to focus our thoughts and feelings on the here and now. Body Scan Some people find that progressive muscular relaxation is easier than the body scan to focus on as there is … Continue reading Body Scan and Progressive Muscular Relaxation.

10 things you don’t know about me (extended)

Hello, i recently done the '10 things you don't know about me' post and as it doesn't really give an insight of me personally i thought i would extend it a little more and give you some more things you probably don't know about me..  I am 26 years old. I am around 5'6. Christmas … Continue reading 10 things you don’t know about me (extended)

7- 11 Breathing Technique.

Following on from yesterday's 'facing fears and moving on' post i am bringing you the 7 - 11 breathing technique so you too can try this for yourself. Some of you may have heard of this technique and some of you are like 'what is she talking about', whatever you are thinking i will explain … Continue reading 7- 11 Breathing Technique.

Facing Fears and Moving Forward.

I know by now most of you are aware i am currently going through CBT and that for some of you can be a scary thought or maybe you are not ready to get that sort of help yet..whatever your reason for not seeking any help but you are still suffering then this is for … Continue reading Facing Fears and Moving Forward.

Just here to say..

Hello all fellow bloggers...or new ones which has just started to follow me. I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to everybody who has either liked my post's or followed me, to me it mean's a lot and i know a few people would agree when i say it's nice when your views … Continue reading Just here to say..

What are you thinking?

I am sure you are aware that i suffer with Anxiety and have had Depression when i was abit younger, what i want to know is what goes through your mind if you are suffering with either or even suffering with something else.  Most of the time when i'm having one of my 'episodes' i … Continue reading What are you thinking?